Program Review Dashboards

The Program Review Dashboards provide historical contextual information that addresses a range of common academic program’s characteristics, including course and student (major) enrollment, new student admissions, degrees awarded, and retention and graduation rates. The Office of Institutional Research (IR) prepares these data exhibits as official data for the Committee members, Program Review coordinators, and reviewers as they evaluate the presentation of the programs.

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CURRICULUM & INSTRUCTION includes enrollment information from the course perspectives.

Student Faculty Ratios

Course Enrollment

High Failure Classes

STUDENT (MAJOR) INFORMATION contains basic contextual information about student enrollment, related to student’s declared majors (rather than course enrollment).

New Student Profiles

Student Enrollment by Major

Average Unit Load

Retention and Graduation Rates for First-time Full-time Freshmen

Retention and Graduation Rates for Transfer Students

Time to Degree