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Once a new or revised course has been approved by the Curriculum Review Committee (CRC), the course can be submitted for certification in the General Education (GE) program or to fulfill other graduation requirements such as the GWAR, American Institutions or SF State overlays requirements. Courses submitted for baccalaureate requirements outside of the major, minor or GWAR are reviewed and approved by either the Lower Division Certification Committee (LDCC) or Upper Division Certification Committee (UDCC). Courses being considered for the GWAR requirement are submitted to the Committee on Written English Proficiency (CWEP) for approval.


Course Review Committee Calendar

NOTE: The Course Review Committee (CRC) Calendar is intended for college offices only. Each college will have its own calendar in order to meet the administrative deadlines indicated in this course proposal calendar. Faculty should check with their college office for dates concerning the submission of proposals.


Course Review Committee Agenda


Course Review Committee Agendas - Archives


General Education Committee


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  • Create a new course with the option to request GE certification.
  • Revise an existing course with the option to request GE certification. You may also use the revision feature to activate (unbank) or inactivate (bank) a course.
  • Request GE certification for an existing course that does not require revision.

Course Revision Forms

Course Proposal Consultative Process Form

Reference document for proposing a new course.

Reference document for revising an existing course.

Course Outline Template

Course Proposal Guidelines

NOTE: To satisfy first year composition, courses that used to require a prerequisite of ENG 114 or equivalent should now read "Prerequisite: first year composition."



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