The Data

Institutional Research, in collaboration with Health Promotion and Wellness (HPW), identified eight Basic Needs Programs to explore.
Note: Only SIDs that could validated with Official Enrollment Census data were included in this study.

The eight Basic Needs Programs included were: 1. Basic Needs Lockers, 2. Cal Fresh, 3. Dean-on-Call, 4. Food Pantry, 5. Gator Crisis Housing, 6. Mashouf Wellness Center Showers, 7. Meal Cards, 8. Zen Den


Participation by Program

Multiple Programs

Finding: The majority of students participated in one Basic Needs Program (90%). However, approximately 10% of students participated in 2-5 different Basic Needs Programs.

Program Participation
n perc
1 program(s) 1715 90.1%
2 program(s) 154 8.1%
3 program(s) 27 1.4%
4 program(s) 5 0.3%
5 program(s) 2 0.1%

Participation across Programs

The chart below visualizes the overlap of participation across multiple Basic Needs Programs. Each gold dot represents participation in the corresponding Basic Needs Program to the left of the chart.

Finding: The top three Basic Needs Programs with the most overlap between programs are: 1. Meal Cards, 2. Dean-on-Call, and 3. Cal Fresh.


We opted to run descriptive statistics across all Basic Needs Programs as a whole. This provided us with a bird’s-eye view of the students being served by the Basic Needs Programs. View captions below each chart to see how the demographics aligned with the College Year 2019-20 unduplicated student population.