How to Create Custom Tables with the SFSU IR Enrolled Students Dashboard

The San Francisco State University Office of Institutional Research Enrolled Student Dashboard contains several years’ worth of historical data. Users can choose from a variety of filters and options to create custom tables. All data comes from the Data Warehouse maintained by the Office of Institutional Analytics. Student demographic fields such as sex, ethnicity and parent education and others are derived from what was self-reported on the admission application. Current term enrollment data such as student level and full/part time are system-generated based on the number of units a student has registered for during that term and has earned in total. Information on the web site of the Office of Institutional Research (IR) may differ from the information reported to by the CSU Chancellor’s Office to federal and state agencies due to differences in reporting guidelines, definitions and dates.

The totals here are for campus state-supported enrollment only, so will not capture enrollments in the College of Extended Learning (see FAQ).

If you see any errors or have any questions, please send a note to the Institutional Research email address:

A printable PDF version of the instructions can be found on the IR webpage

So what can you do?

  • Create custom snapshots of the term enrollment, for one term or multiple terms, using a variety of student demographic and other characteristics.

  • Render tables in HTML or download the tables to Excel for custom formatting and analysis.

How to make custom tables

The default view when the page first loads is headcount enrollment by student level (undergraduate, 2nd/post-bac, and graduates) for the most recent 4 fall terms, along with percentages.

For custom tables you can select either full headcount enrollment or FTE. You can also remove the percentages. Unfortunately, due to limitations in the software, percentages can only be calculated for the entire column, not within by-groups. If you want to calculate percent for a different by-group than the entire pool, you’ll need to download the Excel file.

At any point you can return to the default view by clicking the ‘Reset’ button.

Examples of custom charts are provided below, but there are of course many more possibilities.

1) Enrollment (headcount, FTE or both) by college and student level, last 5 Fall semesters

  • Leave default Term as Fall
  • Select the most previous 5 years with fall enrollment
  • Leave the ‘Ordered By (#1)’ as is (Student Level)
  • Set ‘Ordered By ‘(#2)’ to College
  • Set either/both Headcount & FTES to show

At this point the top filter section should look like this (if you’ve selected Headcount):


Use the arrows by each column name to sort, filter, or export the data: